Classroom etiquette

To ensure the comfort of all students, please keep the following in mind when entering the classroom:

  • Ensure you arrive early, as doors will be locked promptly at the class starting time to ensure security of students and their belongings
  • Please respect other students enjoying quiet time on their mat before and after class by keeping noise to a minimum
  • Students are encouraged to sit or lie down on their mat at any time during the class to rest. This is less disruptive than coming and going from the classroom and we ask that you do not leave the classroom until the class has come to end
  • Perfumes and heavy scents are amplified in the hot room so we ask that you please save them until after class
  • Follow the instructions of the teacher and concentrate on your own practice, not those around you
  • No mobile phones, shoes or glass bottles allowed in the studio
  • Only water allowed in the studio (other drinks are sticky if they spill)
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